September 30, 2009

Uploading your markers to ysearch

Many of you who visit this site had your Y-DNA tested by a company other than FamilyTreeDNA. Yet, you would like to use ysearch to compare your markers with those who were tested by FamilyTreeDNA. It is possible to upload your markers to the ysearch database, and this page gives you the step-by-step procedure. I recommend that you do this to give you access to a larger reservoir of individuals who have been tested.
  1. Go to and click the Create a New User link to create your account. This step gives you an empty account on ysearch, that is, an account with no marker-values.
  2. Manually enter your Y-DNA values from the company that tested your DNA. Be careful in doing this, because the order of the values in ysearch may not be the same as the order of the values given you by the lab who tested your DNA.
  3. Correct certain values as given in the correction page of ysearch. This correction is necessary, because different labs have slightly different ways of testing your DNA.

    NOTE: Due to a recent change made by Ancestry, do not subtract 11 from the value for the GATA-H4 marker.
You now have your marker-values uploaded to the ysearch database, and you can use ysearch to compare your values with those of persons who were tested by FamilyTreeDNA. By doing this upload, you will be able to compare your Y-DNA with a much greater range of people.

If you do upload values to ysearch, please email me at genealogy (at) welshleigh (dot) org so I can add your new ysearch ID to the Clearing House.

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