September 30, 2009

Should I join a user group or project?

There are several companies that test DNA for genealogical purposes. The two companies that are used most often are FamilyTreeDNA and Ancestry. FamilyTreeDNA was the first company to test DNA, and it has the largest database of DNA values. Both companies have groups or projects that focus on particular genealogical lines. Both companies give discounts to persons who join a group before they are tested.

User Groups

FamilyTreeDNA has two user groups or projects that focus on Lee and Leigh lines of any haplogroup and one user project that focuses on Lee and Leigh lines of haplogroup I1. If you go to FamilyTreeDNA and do a surname search for Leigh or Lee, you won't see the I1 group in the list of projects. You can, though, go directly to the website for that group. Once you are in the website, if you haven't been tested, you can click a link to join that group and, if you wish, purchase at the discount price a kit to have your DNA tested by FamilyTreeDNA. There is a special price for persons who have been tested by other labs and want to be tested by FamilyTreeDNA. If you have been tested by FamilyTreeDNA, you can click the link to join the I1 group and have that group added to your list of projects you have joined. I am the moderator of the I1 group as well as of this site.

Ancestry has several groups that focus on Lee lines, and the largest group is the Lee DNA Genealogy Project.

Official and Unofficial Members

To be an "official" member of the FamilyTreeDNA project that focuses on the I1 haplogroup, you must be tested by FamilyTreeDNA. Persons who are interested in the I1 haplogroup but were tested by another company are invited to visit the website for the I1 project and participate as "unofficial" members (email me with your request so I can welcome you into the group). Unofficial members have full activity with the group website and with this Clearing House. The only disadvantage is that their Y-DNA markers are not displayed in the group website.

Reasons for Joining a Group

People who are considering being tested or have recently been tested wonder if they should join a group. Here are ways user groups might help you.

  • User groups may offer a discount for the testing.
  • User groups are one way to connect with people who have similar interests and goals in genealogy. This will facilitate the sharing of information among members of the group, and they provide social relationships among genealogists.
  • User groups provide access to the marker values of other members of the group.
  • User groups may provide tutorial information about DNA testing.

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  1. I was recommended by R-1b to join "U106 L1 or U198" I have joined U106 but how do I join L1?