September 30, 2009

Observations about the DNA data

This page contains observations that I've made about the DNA of Leigh and Lee lines. The comments are made as I think of them and are in no particular order.

The following comments apply to the Lee DNA Genealogy Project at

Almost all of the Lees that are grouped under Randaulph Lee have the same mutation in DYS # Y-GATA-A10. Because there are many donors of the DNA, this might imply there is a common ancestor of all those Lees and that the common ancestor also had that mutation.

Reuben Lee b c1798, d 1880 and Bryant Lee, b c1803 have a perfect match of the 26 markers that were compared. It is thus likely that they have a common ancestor in a genealogical time frame. However, the donors of the DNA should be tested for more markers to confirm this.

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