June 30, 2009

June holds Leigh lines from Ancestry

All Leigh lines from Ancestry are in this month.

Hopefully, people interested in the lines given in this month will contact the descendants of the Leigh men who had their Y-DNA tested. They can do this by going to the Home page of the Lee DNA Genealogy Project, clicking on the People tab, and then clicking on the entries for Desc of XXX Leigh, where XXX is the given names of the earliest known ancestors that were specified by the men being tested.

June 29, 2009

James "Judge" Leigh, b c1670, d 1728

A descendant of James "Judge" Leigh is of haplogroup I1a and is grouped under James "Judge" Leigh in the Lee DNA Genealogy Project at ancestry.com Persons interested in the DNA of the descendant of James "Judge" Leigh can go to the Lee DNA Genealogy Project.

Samuel Leigh, b 1815, d 1894

A descendant of Samuel Leigh is of haplogroup I1 and is grouped under Randaulph Lee in the Lee DNA Genealogy Project at ancestry.com The descendant is the same person who is believed to have the same Y-DNA marker values as Ralph Leigh, the earliest known Leigh of this line. The descendant of Samuel Leigh was tested by Ancestry as well as by FamilyTree.

The line going from this descendant to Ralph Leigh in Wales has been proven and is documented in the welshleigh site. The connection from Ralph Leigh in Wales to Ralph Leigh or his ancestors in England has not be identified, and we hope Y-DNA testing will give clues about when and where this change in location occurred.