September 30, 2009

Finding and using the Leigh & Lee DNA information in this site

This site has information about each Leigh or Lee man who has had his Y-DNA tested by Ancestry or FamilyTreeDNA and has been identified as being haplogroup I. Review the information to see if the people fit into your family tree. If one or more persons do fit into your family tree, you can accept their DNA information as pertaining to your family, although members of your family may have slightly different values for their DNA markers due to mutations. To contact the men who had their Y-DNA tested, send emails to the contact persons given in the ysearch results (FamilyTreeDNA) or to the descendants who had their DNA tested by Ancestry (as explained in the months of May and June).

Note about Ancestry: The Lee DNA Genealogy Project used to have a guest account that would allow you to view the records in the group. The login information, which is still given in the page for the group, doesn't work. You apparently will have to request a membership in the group as a researcher, or buy a kit and have your Y-DNA tested.DNA isn't a Silver Bullet
DNA can give you general information about your ancestors, but you will still need to verify that information with traditional research in genealogical documents. The information you receive from the descendants will, hopefully, give you ideas about where to look for additional genealogical documents, and your research in those documents will, hopefully, give you more detailed information about your ancestors.

If none of the people fit into your family tree, information provided by the descendants may help you locate new genealogical documents that may allow you to connect to one or more of the people.

Navigating this Site

Because this site is actually a blog, the pages of this site are organized into years and months. The links to DNA testing of individual people are placed into particular months, as follows.

  • September 2009 - Introduction to this site. Links to various pages of this site
  • August 2009 - Leigh lines from FamilyTree
  • July 2009 - Lee lines from FamilyTree
  • June 2009 - Leigh lines from Ancestry
  • May 2009 - Lee lines from Ancestry

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