September 30, 2009

Leaving Comments

If you have information about a particular ancestor who is listed in this site, you can put that information in this site by posting a comment to the page of that ancestor. The procedure for posting a comment will ask you to select your profile. If you don't already have a Google profile, or a profile from another website that is accepted by Google, you can create a Google profile (free) or you can submit your comment without an actual profile.

In creating Google profiles, keep in mind that your profile will be online and available to not only persons interested in genealogy but to persons and computer programs called bots that want to send you spam. Thus, use caution in deciding what information to put in your profile. Normally, we only post our first names, and we don't give postal addresses or even the name of the city in which we live. We also don't give email addresses. If you do want your email address to be given but want to keep spam bots from obtaining your email address, you can disguise your email address in some way such that live persons can recognize your address but computer bots won't recognize it. The method I use is to give my "name" and my email domain but to disguise the @ symbol and the . symbol. For example, I give my email address as genealogy (at) welshleigh (dot) org Some people will create a Google profile but leave all the fields blank.

If you want to post a comment but not give a profile, select the Name/Web option from the list of profiles. Use your first name (or an alias) in the Name field. If you have a family history or genealogy site that pertains to your comment, you can put a link to that site in the Link field; otherwise, leave the Link field blank.

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